Graphic Design and Art Direction

Our client, DELTA Summit, wanted a modern yet vibrant style for their graphics and brand. We set out to design the event and marketing material as vibrant and stylish to give it that exciting feel of something big is about to happen. Using a combination of shapes, vibrant colours and various illustrations, we gave it that look that will stand out. Usually conferences like this are old fashioned and serious looking due to the high-profile delegates. So the challenge was how to keep it professional while making it fun. We opted for vibrant colours picked to complement purple and added a touch of Malta incorporated in the backgrounds. Their marketing campaign was crafted to have an energetic feel. Our aim was to evoke a sense of excitement yet create something that felt being born... a new era in history. Lead by Mark Julian Borg, creatives where designed for their social media campaigns, web campaigns, print material and all the necessities like name tags. The result was a successful conference that was both inspirational and aspirational. Social media engagement increased drastically, banners maintained a good conversion rate and the brand was loved within our target audience. Together we made history and we're so proud to be part of DELTA Summit.


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