In StyleX we provide all nail services including manicures, SPA pedicures, as well as nail extensions

Having more than 10 repair treatments always in stock, we can suit the needs of every client. We are offering detox treatments, cold repair, laser treatments, hair botox, and more.

A large variety of straightening treatments allows us to find a suitable straightening treatment for any hair type – Slavic fine hair, thick southern hair as well as afro and Asian hair types.

Our experienced stylists offer various hair colouring services and the most popular techniques, such as handtouch, balayage, contouring, creative colour, and more.

In cooperation with the French lamination brand Yumi, we are offering eyebrow lamination and lash lift services, as well as tinting and shaping.

Endosphere therapy is a broad-spectrum machine treatment and one of the best world technologies of the recent years for cellulite control and body contour modeling. Endosphere is good for: Weight loss , Body sculpting, Detox, Removes cellulite, Lifting, Muscle pain. For the best result, 12 sessions are recommended

Endospheres Therapy

Endosphere Therapy is a non-invasive body treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves that generate controlled mechanical stress to penetrate deep into the layers of skin in the targeted area, reducing cellulite and tightening up the skin.

Endopsheres face treatments are great for lifting effect and wrinkle control.The treatment works beneath the skin to ensure tone, elasticity and shape. On the surface to even out the complexion, tackle dark circles and reduce eye bags.


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